Recent Characters ( Anime summer 2014) done by Seiyuus

I put America because I want you guys to imagine how Konishi-san did an amazing work with characters who are serious. ( I still can’t believe it!) 

And for Miyuki , I wanted you guys to remember that she is the heroine from Utapri and that 3rd season will come soon!

Did you guys notice that the majority of seiyuus are reuniting when they are doing their work for Tokyo Ghoul. XD 

Thumbs up  if you didn’t know about their work.

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get to know me: [2/5] female characters | Yuzuki Seo

"You know, I really care about others. People ask me for advice all the time, and they ask me to help out. I’m always considerate of others and I can read situations. Wait… Aren’t I too perfect? Aren’t I an awesome chick?!"